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The Inspection

Before The Inspection
When you have selected IN DEPTH HOME INSPECTION LLC, I will send you an email containing documents that need to be completed or viewed prior to the inspection.
The Contract: I will send you a contract that needs to be completed and returned to me, prior to or at the beginning of the inspection. Oregon Law requires me to have a written contract with the client of the inspection. Relax; this contract is standard among home inspectors. It is very easy to read and you can call me for clarification if needed.
The Pre Inspection Checklist: This is a questionnaire that will help me get my program and report started prior to the day of inspection. In turn, this reduces the amount of time you and your Realtor need to dedicate to being on site for the inspection. The checklist also lists areas that need to be accessible to the inspector. This is important when the home is occupied and the occupant has stored items obstructing access to the various locations noted on the checklist. Last, I use it to remind you and your Realtor to confirm the utilities are use able inside the structure. This is VERY important when it comes to a home that has been vacant or “winterized”. In these structures, the water has been purged from the plumbing system and the home requires dewinterization prior to the inspection for optimum results.
Oregon Standards of Practice: The SOP’s for Home Inspectors is listed on multiple pages. It can be downloaded from Oregon Construction Contractors Boards, but I provide a copy to my clients. Until this year, Oregon Law required Home Inspectors to provide the SOP’s to the Client. I still provide them to my clients even though it’s not necessary. I do this because the content of the SOP’s list what you, as a consumer, can expect from your home inspection.
Oregon Home Inspection Consumer Notice: This document provides the consumer with information on what to expect from a home inspection. It describes that the inspector must be licensed with the State to perform home inspections. There is a link on it to check out the CCB record of your home inspector (I have no complaints listed on the record). It also states that the home inspector will have a contract. This is very straight forward documentation. Again, give me a call if you have any questions.
Day of Inspection
The Inspection: I arrive and start the inspection at the time requested. The order of the inspection is typically as follows: Exterior and grounds, interior, attic then the crawl space. Some homes, however, require a different approach. During the inspection, you are encouraged to be present. This can be boring for some individuals as it normally takes 3 hours or more to perform the on site portion of the inspection. I suggest to my clients that they show up toward the end of the inspection. That way, we can go over the findings of the inspection with you and your Realtor and I can answer any questions you may have about the conditions present. Before leaving, I will provide you with a binder for your report. The binder also contains dividers for the reports and a home maintenance book.  You will find the book to be very valuable in regards to repair and maintenance of your home.
After we have covered all your questions and conditions found during the inspection, I will return to my office. There, I continue to document the findings of the inspection. This means I compile the reports, integrate pictures for better clarification of conditions, load the information onto a CD and send you and your Realtor an emailed copy of the reports. Doing this off site saves you and your Realtors valuable time. The emailed reports are the Whole Home Inspection and a separate Pest and Rot Report. I create a separate Pest and Rot Report because many lenders want this report individually. Therefore, the separate report can help facilitate a timely close on your loan.
After the Inspection
The Next Day and Beyond: First, I send you a CD that includes the following: All pictures taken during the inspection, The Whole Home Inspection Report, The Pest and Rot Report, and a scanned copy of the contract between you and IN DEPTH HOME INSPECTION LLC.
Last, it is important to note that the service provided by IN DEPTH HOME INSPECTION LLC, does not end here. You are welcome to contact me for any questions you may have about the inspection at a later date. I am your contractor and I am happy to help you in any way I can. Last, if you are unhappy with the service provided to you , will refund your money!  How can you go wrong? Get and In Depth Home Inspection right way! 

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